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Monday, February 1, 2010

To blog or not to blog

Well, I don't seem to have many followers and I am obviously not very good at promoting my blog. Plus, I am not going to spend any money to promote it. So, I was wondering if I should blog at all. But I figure, why not? I like it.

So, this time my topic is related to "lies we I have been told; misconeptions; and our screwed up government."

A must watch: Documentary on the Union of Weed. It is very interesting, many historical facts. I would caution that it is definitley biased in some ways. But, not enough to dismiss it completely. I would especially caution the section related to "it doesn't kill brain cells." Well, I haven't done the research but I'm pretty sure that it does affect other things like, memory and word retrieval and communication. I'm not trying to promote the smoking of or legalization of weed and I'm not not trying to do that. I am just trying to present facts because truth is freedom. So,just remember that anything you watch, watch with a careful eye. But, please check it out. Another good one is called "Magic Weed" But it isn't quite as interesting and it didn't hold my attention, so I didn't watch the whole thing.


  1. I think this blog should be about your opinion. What do you think about the legalization of marijuana and why?

    And please don't stop blogging. Post more photos, keep the conversation going and see what happens. This isn't about becoming a famous blogger- it's a one woman crusade!

  2. Ha Ha! You are funny woman. Anyway, I guess you are right about it being my opinion. I guess my opinion isn't really what matters. It is about people making and informed opinion. But, if I have an informed opinion and I share it, I guess that might work too! Thanks, sis.

  3. Dont stop blogging..i love it...your life is interesting and you are my "friend out there" that I can connect with after dishes done,husband to bed...my time...before bed. We connected briefly, through our distance courses at USU...distance but little did we know, in the same NY town!