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Monday, January 18, 2010

Cliche: Stop and smell the roses....

How I've managed to learn to stop and smell the roses. Well, first of all I definitely did this the hard way (first cliche, now you can start counting). Hopefully, not everyone has to go through a period of time when they have no time and I do mean no time, in order to get to this point. In addition, I also hope that everyone has the opportunity to have time, like I have now.

In a nutshell: A few months after being married to my husband who I had known for five years while raising his two children along the way, while completing my undergraduate degree, assisting in operating his business and starting a career, my husband was in a vehicle accident while working. Long story, short, he was unable to continue working at that job and was unable to work at all for two years and we ran into a small amount of money (very small) from my Nanna. A CD was cashed. We used that money to start a lawn business in order to supplement my very ,very low income as I was working in non-profit. Shortly after the accident, our three nephews ages 10, 12, and 13 came to live with us and our two boys who were 11 and 14. I was working as a mental health therapist for a partial hospitalization program which was an hour from our home. I had also recently, begun to work on my graduate studies in Mental Health Counseling, which later changed to Rehabilitation Counseling from a different University. So, since this is nutshell, here is exactly what was on my plate for about three years: I was taking care of an injured husband, operating a lawn business, raising five boys (in a three bedroom one bathroom small home with three cats and two dogs), taking graduate classes, working full-time and commuting an hour each way. Say that five times fast!

But, now there is a lull and I love it. My husband is back to work, my nephews live with another aunt, my eldest has moved out, I graduated with my Masters. I have a wonderful, low stress job that pays decent, I only have two cats and one dog and my commute is about 10 minutes. Oh, and we don't have a business anymore (for now).

So....my plate has a lot more room on it. And now, I take time for me. Although you might say well, sure she does, she has the time. Well, it isn't that easy for everyone no matter how much time they have.

So, now that you can see what it took for me to learn that I need to stop and the smell the roses, especially since I'm not moving too fast to actually notice them...

To be continued....


  1. How do you spend your time now and how do you feel about it? What are some activities that you are still driven to do but have not brought to fruition? Are you willing to make any public commitments?

  2. See if you can find all the Cliches

  3. PS. Do you realize that your blog is PINK????? (my sister hates pink)

  4. Great Job, you found all the cliches. Yes, my blog is pink, it was the nicest out of all the template options and I almost didn't pick it because it was pink. But I decided to go with my instincts besides, pink is traditionally a feminine color and there will be lots of estrogen throughout these blogs so...what the heck, I went with pink~

    I should have guessed that you would be quizzing and proding me...well, I will be discussing what I'm doing now, what I hope to do and I will try to be acting on it, that is why I started this, I am hoping that this blog will hold me accountable for the doing part. Awareness is key and I am open to suggestions on how to make others aware in my community for starters but would like it to be much bigger than that.

  5. Hey Lady! Great job. I like the blog. -Shonna