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Monday, January 18, 2010

Where I am going with this...

I want to share my awareness with the world...hence my blog title. I have lots I want to share. I have some topics that I plan to discuss. I am also hoping to share some "mundane" daily activities, events, happenstances, etc. in such a way that it will inspire others as well as myself, to see the beauty and greatness of the Now. I also want my expression to be recognized especially from a woman's perspective and with permission will be using other women's experiences as well.

A sneak preview of topics with much more to come:



Shampoo and soap

The Patriot Act

hot labs: Katrina

homemade cleaning products


String Theory/quantum physics

Christmas Trees

other little know but useful facts

and now thanks to my adorable incredibly smart sister, C.S.A.s

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